Ethan Hawke, ‘Black Phone’ co-stars discuss making chilling abduction thriller

In a new thriller, a child is abducted and held in a soundproof basement by a serial killer. But it’s actually a good thing when the ghosts of his victims make their presence known. Resident ghost hunter Alex Miranda has the story.

We know Ethan Hawke best for being an Ethan hunk, but these new villain roles that he’s taking on are looking good on him, too. Well, that is, when you take off the creepy masks he wears throughout “The Black Phone.”

Van. Man.

Mason Thames (as Finnie): “Are those black balloons in there?”

Ethan Hawke (as The Grabber): “Would you like to see a magic trick?”

Stranger danger! In the new thriller “The Black Phone,” a shy but clever 13-year-old boy is being held in a soundproof basement by a sadistic masked killer.

Ethan Hawke (as The Grabber): “It doesn’t work.”

Who, in case you didn’t recognize that thousand-tooth smile, is Ethan Hawke, or “The Grabber.”

Ethan Hawke: “I would just put on that mask, and I felt different.”

Should we be concerned?

Mason Thames: “When he has that mask on, his eyes are just so terrifying.”

Sounds like it, but when a disconnected phone on the wall starts to ring, Finnie, played by Mason Thames, soon discovers he can hear the voices of the murderer’s previous victims.


Voice on phone: “Don’t hang up.”

Mason Thames (as Finnie): “Who are you?”

This is getting crazy!

But Finnie also has help from his sister Gwen, played by Madeleine McGraw.

Madeleine McGraw: “In her dreams, she can see what’s happening or what’s going to happen in the future, and she will never give up.”

Of course, no one believes her, so she says, “You know what? I’ll find him myself, OK?”

Madeleine McGraw: “She goes out on her bike and searches day and night for anything she can find that resembles something in her dream.”

Meanwhile, The Grabber is still doing his thing. You know, terrorizing the kid.

Ethan Hawke: “There was no way to, like, make sense out of him. Obviously, there’s some brutal trauma there. Obviously, there’s some immense shame at work.”

You know what? Shout out to all the non-serial killer magicians out there.

Ethan Hawke (as The Grabber): “Look what you made me do.”

Wait, I’ve seen this movie before, but villain roles are just something somewhat new for Ethan.

Ethan Hawke: “I don’t really like inviting that kind of evil into my imagination and dancing with it. It’s not something that floats my boat, as they used to say.”

I think they still say that, but he says this script was calling his name.

Ethan Hawke: “The kids’ journey was so beautiful, and I could kind of see how this might be something new and different for me, and I could contribute in a different way.”

“The Black Phone” is now playing in theaters … mainly because that’s where movies are shown.

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