Local Filmmakers Are Bringing Tinseltown To Motown

(CBS DETROIT) – Local filmmakers are ringing Hollywood to Detroit and they’re finding success with independent productions.

The film Chedda Boys is the latest project directed by Kwende Ried.

It’s the story of a young man battling inner-city challenges while fighting to make better decisions.

One of many stories Ried says needs more amplified voices.

“Now that I’m in a position to tell a story to try to deter some of the youth from doing things negative,” Ried said.

“I want them to look more at they’re choices and decisions.”

The independent filmmaker is taking his production company to new levels by aggregating a large audience through streaming platforms.

Belair Luxury Cinema General Manager Johny Thomas says the surge of Detroit-based indie projects gives home-grown talent the opportunity to hit the big screen.

“We’re making a lot of good movies and as far as I know they end up on Amazon Prime or Tubi and so if you don’t catch them at the premiere you can help support these local Detroit filmmakers online and watch it from home,” Thomas said.

Ried’s film One More Flip released last year has over a million streams.

“I’m kind of liking the independent route. I’m in control of my own destiny and collecting my own data and where I can know my target market, who I can market to and grow,” Ried said.

Ried says the Michigan Film Industry Association’s push to bring film tax credits back to state will help independent creatives produce quality content.

“Hopefully they come back where they can help us out a little bit, where we can make better films because the bigger the budget the more quality stuff you can get done,” Ried said.

Chedda Boys premieres Friday at Belair Luxury Cinema.


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