Judge Lowers Bail For Suspect Charged In Connection To Deadly South Street Mass Shooting

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A judge lowered bail Thursday for one of the men charged in connection with the deadly South Street mass shooting. Prosecutors say 34-year-old Rashaan Vereen started a physical fight that ended in gunfire.

Eleven people were injured and three people died, including one of the shooters.

On Thursday in court, a judge lowered bail from $350,000 to $100,000.

Vereen’s defense attorney successfully argued Thursday that his client’s case should not be consolidated with that of a shooting suspect, Quran Garner.

“Mr. Veereen never had a gun or touched a gun. He essentially got into a physical altercation, you know, fists and pushing altercation with another male,” William Davis, Veereen’s attorney, said. “Unfortunately, that male had a gun. Mr. Veereen’s friend also had a gun and it resulted in a shooting where Mr. Veereen’s friend lost his life.”

Vereen’s preliminary hearing was rescheduled for August. He faces charges that include criminal attempted murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault and firearms violations.

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