Bay Area expected to reach hot temperatures Tuesday

BAY AREA, Calif. (KRON) — The heat is on for Bay Area residents.

The National Weather Service Bay Area says temperatures are expected to be in the 90s throughout Tuesday across interior portions of the Bay Area and the Central Coast. NWS Bay Area tweeted a map with the high temperature predictions.

Places like Napa, Concord, San Jose and Vallejo are expected to be in the 90s. While coastal areas like San Francisco and Monterey will be in the 70s.

Sacramento is predicted to be a high 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Brentwood and Stockton are following behind at 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Officials are warning residents to take note of heat safety tips and resources as temperatures are starting to rise.

“As we heat up, remember to never leave children, elderly or pets inside parked vehicles,” the weather service stated in a tweet.

NWS says heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States. They say heat is tough on the body and particularly taxing for certain people.

According to the NWS website on heat safety, those who should watch for rising temperatures are:

Young children and infants Older adults, especially those with preexisting conditionsPeople with chronic medical conditionsPregnant women

For more information of heat safety visit the link here.

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