National Zoo catches the likely flamingo-killing fox

A wild fox that is likely responsible for terrorizing and killing dozens of flamingoes at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in D.C. has been caught and killed.

The Washington Post reports that zoo officials set a trap for the wild animal and it worked either Thursday night or Friday morning.

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The fox was then humanely euthanized, according to the zoo.

On May 2, staff were doing regular rounds early that morning, “and they came upon what appeared to be a commotion in the yard and saw a fox in the exhibit,” said Bryan Amaral, senior curator at the zoo, at the time.

The zoo’s flamingo flock lives primarily in a 9,750-square-foot-yard outdoor space with a heated pool and barn. (Courtesy National Zoo)

The fox ran away at the sight of the zoo workers and they found 25 flamingoes and one duck were killed.

The fox likely got in through a hole in the heavy mesh fencing around the flamingo habitat that was the size of a softball.

The flamingoes’ wings were clipped so they can’t fly, leaving them without their natural defense.

Accosting to the Post, the zoo didn’t test the fox for rabies because birds can’t actually catch the virus.


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